300W Peltier Air Conditioner / Thermoelectric Cooler / TEC Air Conditioner

300W Peltier Air Conditioner / Thermoelectric Cooler / TEC Air Conditioner




(1)Technical Parameters


Voltage VDC -58 - -44
Rated Power W 460
Rated Current A 9.3
Cooling Capacity W 300
Heating Capacity W 450
Installation / side mounted
Working Temperature Range °C -40 - +55
Ambient Humidity RH 5% - 95%
Protection Grade / IP55
Noise (dB) dB(A) 63
Weight Kg 10

(2)Dimension Diagram





Thermoelectric cooler (TEC) is mainly made of semiconductor refrigeration piece, heat sinks, fans, panel. TEC is small, light, easy to install. No refrigerant, no pollution to the environment, cooling and heating functions are interchangeable, can be connected with an external emergency fan and hydrogen fan, can be remotely monitored though RS485.



3.Working principle


When the DC flow through the circuit, which is formed by different conductor connection in nodes produces endothermic or exothermic phenomenon, this phenomenon called peltier effect. TEC use in this peltier effect. When TEC power on, one side cooling through the fan and the heat sink to absorb heat, contained in the other side of the heating through the fan and heat sink get heat away.




4.1. Inside Fan Control

Operate by inside fan with the highest speed , don’t adjust speed .


Default parameter By inside fan(RPM)
With the highest speed by inside fan 3600


4.2. Outside Fan Control

TEC module and outside fan share synchronization mechanism , outside fan can adjust speed. The outside fan will linear adjust speed between start temperature and last temperature. The fan will be the highest speed when heating start.


Default parameter Cabinet return air temperature(°C) Speed of outside fan(RPM)
Start adjust(low speed) 30 1800
End adjust(highest speed) 32 3600


4.3. Refrigeration

When the temperature is higher than refrigeration open points then operate refrigeration. When the temperature is lower than refrigeration open points then stop. When set the temperature, stop temperature should be lower than start temperature.


Refrigeration parameter Settings


Parameter Default Value Scope Unit Set point to describe
Sensitivity of refrigeration 2 [1~5] °C Refrigeration operation to stop back to the poor
Start point of refrigeration 30 [15~60] °C Refrigeration operation start temperature point



4.4. Heating

When the temperature is lower than heating point then start heating, when the temperature is higher than heating point then stop. The start temperature should be lower than stop temperature.

Heating parameter Settings



Parameter Default Value Scope Unit

Set Point To Describe


Start point



[-10~15] °C Start temperature
Stop point



[-5~25] °C Stop temperature


4.5. Hydrogen Discharging

The controller can do hydrogen discharging , default every 24hours discharge 5 minutes.


4.6. TEC Refrigeration Piece of Hot and Cold Switching Protection Function
The current time must be longer than switch delay time when hot and cold switching , you can set , the default time is 5min.


4.7. Timing Function for Hydrogen
The controller includes timing function for hydrogen , the default time is 5min every 24hours.


4.8. Memory Function When Power Off
The controller can memory the current state , can start when the power outages.

4.9. Voltage Protection
Controller fault protection start when the input voltage is smaller than under-voltage alarm or larger than the over-voltage alarm;
Voltage recovery is between under-voltage and over-voltage , the controller will normally operate.


4.10. Remote Monitoring and Alarm Function
TEC can connect with computer by RS485 , user can check system state by monitor background ( including fan , TEC , sensor) and change parameter.

Communication parameters: Baud rate 9600 BPS( can be set ):
Data bits:eight;
Stop bits:one;

5.Electrical wiring diagram



6. Packing




TEC Air Conditioner

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