400W DC48V high efficiency TEC air conditioner for telecom cabinet air conditioner


1. Introduction

The TC06-40TEH/01 TEC air conditioner is a full automation temperature control device. It uses intelligent controller to control the whole system of the air conditioner. According to the variation of environment temperature, the intelligent controller can automatically detect and operate. The product is widely applied in telecom cabinet, small and medium sized telecom room, UPS room, outdoor base station room, etc.

2. Technical Specs

2.1 General Description

The TC06-40TEH/01 TEC air conditioner consists of 6 parts: peltier module (including sealing and insulation material), cold end radiator, hot end radiator, cold end fan, hot end fan, monitoring module. When power supply is connected to the TEC, one side of the peltier conduct cooling, and the other side of the peltier conduct heating, the cool (heat) from which will diffuse to the surrounding environment through cold (hot) end radiators, fans and mixed refrigerant. The cold end radiator and cod end fan constitute the inside circulation for cooling the cabinet internal environment, while the hot end radiator and hot end fan constitute outside circulation for heat radiation to the external environment.

2.2 System Parameters

Model No.


Rated Input Voltage

DC48V (43V~-60V)

Rated Cooling Capacity


Rated Heating Capacity


Rated Input Current


Rated Input Power


Installation Mode






Size (L*W*H)




Working Environmental Temperature

-20°C ~ 55°C


3. Control

3.1 Application

TC06-40TEH/01 high efficiency air conditioner uses a universal intelligent controller ET724H, which is controlled by highly integrated STC single chip microcomputer. The controller, with good performance, easy and convenient installation and set, is widely applied in small and medium sized telecom room, UPS room, outdoor base station room, etc.

3.2 Technical Parameter

(1) Three digit seven segment digital tube displays measured temperature and set temperature.

(2) Temperature measurement accuracy: 0.1 °C ; display accuracy:0.1 °C.

(3) Intelligently choose cooling mode or heating mode.

(4) With protective direct ventilation function.

(5) Power Supply: DC48V.

(6) Power Consumption: ≤5W.

(7) Working Environment: -30°C~70°C; <90%RH.

(8) Installation method: guide rail,hanging.

(9) Size (L×W×H): 150mm×190mm×45mm




















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